experience in all aspects of
Bulk Structural Concreting

Seabreeze Contracting are civil engineers that offers experience, combined with a passion for delivering excellence, in civil structural concrete construction and associated services. With experience in all aspects of Building and Civil Engineering Construction, we have successfully delivered projects involving bulk structural concreting for the resources, construction and mining industries in the Pilbara region, to less sophisticated applications such as building foundations, ground and suspended slabs and tilt up panel structures which are also within our scope.

Our design engineers design both simple and complex concrete developments and building structures on brownfield and greenfield projects. We specialise in design optimisation to ensure a quality result and compliance with relevant standards.

We are a specialist civil and concrete contractor working primarily in the remote civil, mining, and oil & gas sectors, delivering civil and concrete construction services throughout every stage of the construction cycle; from early works or planning and project management, to development and the resolution of technical challenges. Integrated into our contract work is comprehensive management of resources, timelines and budgets.

Our expertise in delivering large structural concrete projects covers the construction of foundations, footings, tunnels, tanks, car dumpers and other structural concrete works.  Our experience extends to many mine and rail sites across Western Australia.

We retain a multi-skilled civil engineering team that has the experience and technical capabilities to effectively deliver projects of any scale and complexity for our clients in a safe, efficient and profitable manner. Much of our work is secured on a repeat business basis over many years, testifying to the solid reputation we build with our clients. We continuously strive to go beyond client expectations to deliver successful projects like;

  • Rio Tinto /SKM Coastal Waters Project – Bungaroo Fluoride Dosing Facility.
  • Rio Tinto/SKM Cape Lambert Port A & B Civil and Infrastructure Construction.
  • ATCO Power – Power Station Platforms Design & Construct.

We specialise in structural concreting works in both vertical and foundation structures to the mining, mineral, commercial and industrial sector, which include both above ground and underground projects and have the expertise and experience to carry out bulk structural concreting associated with: 

  • Weighbridge, concrete hardstand and associated concrete structures
  • Relocation of existing services, bulk earthworks, construction of concrete pit, thick concrete walls. Including all associated concrete pedestals, bolt sets, sumps.
  • Construction of substations, including bulk earthworks, pavement construction, stormwater, kerbing, asphalt and security fencing.
  • Construction overhead powerline concrete bases. Including all road construction, detailed excavation, concrete footings and reinstatement.

We use state-of-the-art equipment along with the latest materials technology to deliver a safe, efficient and practical solution to every project. We supply standard and custom concrete mixes according to your project’s specific requirements.