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Seabreeze Contracting Pty Ltd is a civil construction company providing high quality construction services to the mining and oil gas industry. 
An Environmental Management System is maintained in compliance with AS/NZS ISO 14001 latest editions. The current industry specific standards are considered an essential basis for the safe operation of the process as well as ensuring the environmental effects of those processes are controlled.

The recognition of the companies formalised Environmental Objectives and Performance Targets forms part of the management and employee responsibilities as listed in Environmental Management System Procedures. The objectives consider the magnitude and risk of pollution from all processes and potential hazard reduction in process planning. Records of processing and external communications are an essential part of the Environmental Management System.

Seabreeze Contracting policy is to ensure process performance, including any potential hazards are monitored and timely corrective actions are taken to ensure environmental conditions are not affected. Corrective actions taken will be reviewed by the management on a regular basis and form part of an overall review of the stated Environmental objectives. All work is performed in a manner to minimise the impact on the existing environment. Any emissions generated from work process are to be contained to a minimum, and are to be kept below legal, regulatory and contractual requirements. Any disposal of excess materials is to take place in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Company policy is a commitment to continual improvement of processes and business operations to current and proposed industry legislation. To this end, the company Environmental policy will be displayed at the company base and included in all Project Management Plans. Copies of the environmental policy are available to any customer requiring a copy for their perusal.

Review of company objectives, process controls and hazard reduction performance will form part of an ongoing management review to develop process parameters which will continually strive to reduce potential for pollution of the environment.

It is Company policy to provide a working environment which allows all employees including sub-contractors and third parties to work with safety, and efficiency, and to foster amongst workers an attitude of personal responsibility for the achievement of Company Quality and Environmental objectives. Our Company is committed to the principals of sustainable development incorporating improvements in energy efficiency wherever possible.

All employees, including sub-contractors and third parties are encouraged to be diligent in processing work where potential effect on the environment exists and be aware of corrective and preventive action procedures to contain or prevent environmental pollution.