experience in all aspects of
Greenfield Construction Project

Greenfield Construction in Pilbara

In many disciplines greenfield is a project that lacks any constraints imposed by prior work. The analogy is that of construction on greenfield land where there is no need to work within the constraints of existing buildings or infrastructure.

Seabreeze Contracting construction team successfully manages and execute new site (greenfield)) construction projects across a range of industries in the resources, energy, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

We have experienced project managers and delivery teams who work closely with our clients, providing integrated solutions to ensure programs and projects are delivered safely, on schedule and within budget.

Our Project Management team ensure maximum value, asset integrity and optimal project outcomes for our clients.  Our dedicated team has developed and maintained strong client relationships.

Capabilities (Change Order):

  • Project Management
  • Project Planning, Controls and Reporting
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Multidisciplinary Projects
  • Direct Labour And Sub-contractor Delivery
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Greenfield Construction Execution

Our company has been operating within the civil construction sphere since 2002. With a broad business focus, we are primarily involved in civil works contracting, land developments and plant hire.Within the civil contracting division, we are involved in subdivisions including clearing, earthworks, drainage, road infrastructure, underground pipe laying to name a few.

Environment Friendly Construction:

Seabreeze Contracting is dedicated to environmental sustainability and ensuring the longevity of the Pilbara region in particular. To date we have ‘No’ recorded environmental incidents and strive to ensure this continues.

Waste created through the construction phase are stockpiled and removed from site at the end of the project. From here they are recycled or stored in sea containers at our depot for future use.

We are continually evolving and trialling new environmentally friendly alternatives to ensure the sustainability of our ground water supplies. It addition, we use water wisely fittings and fixtures where possible to assist in preserving one of our most precious resources.

It is Company policy to provide a working environment, which, allows all employees, including sub-contractors and third parties to work with safety, and efficiency, and to foster amongst workers an attitude of personal responsibility for the achievement of Company Quality and Environmental objectives. Our Company is committed to the principals of sustainable development incorporating improvements in energy efficiency wherever possible.

All emplyees, including sub-contractors and third parties are encouraged to be diligent in processing work where the potential effect on the environment exists and be aware of corrective and preventive action procedures to contain or prevent environmental pollution.