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Plumbing and Stainless Steel Construction

Plumbing and Stainless Steel Construction Company

Seabreeze Contracting since 2002 has provided award winning plumbing and civil contracting services throughout Western Australia, we are well respected within the civil and commercial scene and we continue to grow from strength to strength.

Specialising in medium to large scale commercial projects, sub-divisions and drainage works, Seabreeze Contracting strives to stay on the pulse of technology, ensuring efficient service of a superior quality.

Our team is dedicated to providing professional plumbing and hydraulics services to projects of all sizes.  We carry out a variety of civil construction works, in particular open trench pipe laying, including: gravity sewer lines, water mains, stormwater drainage and rising mains. We also undertake earthworks, road works, dam constructions, concreting and landscaping. We have a number of crews to undertake jobs simultaneously.

Our company has carried out work in the Pilbara remote areas, we operate using a quality system that not only reflects the current policies of the company but also meets the requirements of the National and International Quality System Standard.

Our Objectives Include:

  • To provide services at a competitive price without compromising quality.
  • To provide a consistent and uniform approach to assure that the required standards of quality are achieved.
  • To obtain repeat business by ensuring total customer satisfaction through the efficient delivery of services.

Seabreeze Contracting has a team of qualified tradesmen who are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of fabricating stainless steel products. We design and manufacture in house to your expectations, and materials used are in accordance with all the Australian standards in regards to steel strength and Health and Safety regulations.

We can meet your needs with a full range of stainless steel products:

  • Bridges
  • Structural Beams
  • Stainless Rebar
  • Associated Construction

Stainless steel is used in all aspects of architecture, building and construction. While it has been used in this industry since the 1920’s and is not a new material, stainless steel’s use and range of applications has been growing. Some applications are highly visible and stainless steel is both aesthetic and functional, such as curtain wall and roofing. Others are practical, safety related and sometimes hidden, like masonry and stone anchors, bollards and safety railings.

The number of different stainless steel alloys used in building and construction has expanded. The more highly alloyed molybdenum containing stainless steels are preferred by leading architectural and landscape design and structural engineering firms for more corrosive locations because of their enhanced corrosion resistance.