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Remedial Concrete Repairs

Remedial Concrete Repair Services

Concrete deterioration causes serious problems for many structures ranging from the smallest residential complex to large commercial buildings and civil structures. Atmospheric and environmental conditions can impact concrete structures over time, triggering reinforcement corrosion and spalling of the outer concrete layers. When, uncontrolled and excessive can be the cause of an expensive investigation, repair and remediation process.

Typical Concrete Repair Works Undertaken By Structural Systems Include:

  • Repair of concrete spalling (often referred to as 'concrete cancer')
  • Render repair
  • Crack repair by full depth epoxy injection
  • Treatment and/or replacement of corroded reinforcement
  • Cathodic protection
  • Application of protective coatings
  • Carbon fibre strengthening

Typical Strengthening Projects Undertaken By Structural Systems Include:

  • Strengthening aged or damaged structures
  • Rectifying faulty construction
  • Bridge stabilisation and repair
  • Bridge code-compliance works
  • Removing beams / columns while strengthening remaining structure

The field of remedial concrete repair is vast, with rapid technological advancement in the remediation of corrosion, erosion, wear and concrete cancer providing increased value to asset owners.

Seabreeze Contracting’s comprehensive training program and industry-leading research and development enables us to maintain the skills, equipment and diagnostic methods to effectively service your infrastructure. 

We develop solutions based on our extensive experience in this area and our unparalleled engineering expertise.  Our expertise extends to the investigation, monitoring, diagnosis and management of corrosion in terms of both prevention and repair. 

Seabreeze Contracting provide a range of Remedial Concrete Repair Services in civil infrastructure, resources, government and utilities infrastructure, land development, commercial, port and marine industries.  We have worked on projects managing concrete cancer in a range of conditions, completing projects on time and within budget despite remoteness, extreme temperatures and inclement weather.

We have a fully mobile workforce able to locate to all areas in the Pilbara region.  Sourced with local knowledge, Seabreeze Contracting is conditioned to the working environment and climatic elements that are unique to the Pilbara.  We offer clients the commitment of a local company with access to a wide range of capabilities, operational systems and project management experience. We also provide Professionalism, Trust and Capability approach to the sustainability of our people, the community and environment.