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Steel Structure construction

Steel Structure Contracting in Pilbara

Through our Design & Construct, Materials Handling and Structural Steel capabilities, we are able to supply capital works and ongoing maintenance services to mining companies in the Pilbara region. We are strategically located to service key mining projects in the Pilbara.  Our mining infrastructure capabilities include office/warehouses, workshops, commodity storage, load and unload facilities, walkways and structural steel.

Structural steel provides the framework around which the rest of the construction industry is built. Structural steel is used to create the skeleton of a building – the frame onto which walls and roofing is placed, and around which the building or structure takes shape.

Steel Structure Construction industry utilises a range of steel materials, including rails, beams and rods, and different types of metal bars including merchant, cold finished and chrome plated bars. In addition to these products, reinforcing materials such as wire, tube, pipes, fittings and valves may also be incorporated into building design and construction.

As concern for the environment grows recycled metals are becoming increasingly popular in the structural steel industry. The majority of structural products are used in the construction, manufacturing, housing, mining and agricultural industries.

Many steel structural projects incorporate trusses, which are triangular structures made from metal beams that may be placed together to provide reinforced strength for bridges or other large steel structures. Joists are the horizontal supporting structures that run between walls and beams to provide solid flooring and roofs. Additionally the structural steel industry also comprises of welding work on construction projects. Most metal construction materials must be joined together through welding, which is the most economical and efficient way to join metals permanently.

Seabreeze Contracting has the knowledge, experience and expertise, working with Structural Steel Erection Services include the fabrication and assembly of metal silos and metal storage tanks, as well as the placement and fitting or reinforcing steel. This may be for buildings or for other structures such as bridges, overhead cranes or electricity transmission towers.

Modular construction projects are designed as a series of pre-fabricated steel modules which are delivered to site as complete process sub-units. This system can deliver several important benefits over conventional construction methods on remote-site resource engineering projects:

  • Module fabrication is done in a specialised off-site fabrication yard;Module fabrication can be done well ahead of the main project schedule
  • A skilled labour force is readily available to the fabrication yard, at very competitive cost rates;
  • Strong quality control is available in a specialised yard;
  • With a large number of highly productive Project hours now done in a fabrication yard, site work force numbers can be substantially reduced.